Monday, April 23, 2012

Raise the Roof

Fork lift setting a section of the trusses
Looking up through the trusses to the sky
Our big green box is looking more like a house now that the roof is on.  I watched as the builders attached with uniform spacers several custom built trusses. This created as section of the roof that was then fork lifted onto the top of our big green box.  This process was repeated a few more times which completed the structure that is like a beautiful spine that creates the structure of the roof.  This heavy duty structure will be supporting many PV Solar panels as well as some good New England snow so it has to be strong. 

Today the builders finished putting on the roof sheathing.  You can see the seams are taped to help create a tight air seal necessary for a Passive House.

After the internal room studs are placed, the next few steps will really distinguish the building process as being uniquely Passive House with the installation of the insulation.  To stay tuned, please enter your email address on the right into "follow by email".  You will receive a notice when we post each new blog entry.  I will no longer send out individual email reminders.

It's starting to look like a house

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